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New Business Organics Rules

Beginning July 19, 2016, certain New York City businesses will be required by law to separate their organic waste.

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Establishments Covered by Commercial Organics Rules

If your business meets the minimum requirements outlined below, you must comply with the business organic recycling rules.

Arenas and Stadiums

15,000 or More Seats

Food Manufacturers

25,000 sq. ft. or More

Food Wholesalers

20,000 sq. ft. or More

Food Service in Hotels

150 or More Rooms

What Organics to Separate

Food Scraps

Do not include material sold to farmers or rendering companies, or food that is donated.

Plant Trimmings

Food-Soiled Paper

Certified Compostable Products

Must meet processor certification requirements.

How to Comply and Avoid Violations

Provide labeled containers specifically for organics, and post signage with instructions about organics separation requirements in areas where staff handles organics.

Employees must place materials in appropriate labeled containers and ensure that organics are not mixed with any garbage or recyclables.

Arrange for organics to be transported and/or processed separately from garbage and recycling. Post a sign next to your BIC decal that clearly indicates your arrangement.

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