A History of Excellence

There’s a reason why we’re New York’s best.

A New York Based Company

Royal Waste is a locally based, community-awarded company located in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Serving the community with sustainable waste reduction strategies and co-mingled, single stream recycling programs, Royal Waste has been making a positive impact on the environment for over 20 years. With outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, the Royal Waste Green Team of eco-consultants has worked with commercial businesses to significantly improve operations, meet regulatory requirements and increase diversion rates.

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A Leader In Recycling

Royal Waste is proud to have been among the first NY commercial recycling companies to offer single stream recycling programs and composting initiatives in its state of the art recycling facility. Through its extensive recycling efforts, Royal Waste diverts approximately 300 million pounds of recyclable material, including organic waste, from landfills every year, saving over 2.55 million trees and cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

For Every Ton of New Paper Made From Recycled Paper...

17 Trees Are Saved

460 Gallons of Oil
Are Conserved

8 Cubic Feet of
Landfill Space is Saved

Air Emissions are
decreased by 95%

7,000 Gallons of
Water Are Saved

4,100 Kilowatt Hours of
Energy Are Conserved

U.S. Green Building Council

As a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Royal Waste also helps commercial and institutional organizations achieve LEED certification. We have the experience and resources to handle any program regardless of volume or complexity. Our broad range of services and dedicated customer support makes Royal Waste the perfect choice for all your collection and disposal needs.

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