Bulk Waste Clean Out

We offer a full range of residential, commercial and industrial bulk waste clean out, complete with dismantling, removal and disposal.

Construction & Bulk Waste Clean Out

At Royal Waste Services, we specialize in construction waste management & recycling. Our commitment to industry expertise, quality customer service and updated equipment acquisition means you’ll save time and labor on both large and small projects. From garages and basements to buildings and warehouses, Royal offers a full range of residential, commercial and industrial bulk waste clean out, complete with dismantling, removal and disposal. We also have partnerships with certified regulated waste removal specialists for handling hazardous materials, including asbestos and leaded mercury removal.

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Material Recovery Facility

Royal Waste Services owns and operates a 43,000 square-foot construction recovery facility designed to properly divert reusable material away from landfills, resulting in a recycling rate up to 90 percent of solid construction waste. These results help us pass significant cost savings along to our customers.

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U.S. Green Building Council

Royal Waste Services, Inc., is a certified U.S. Green Building Council waste removal contractor. Royal collects waste throughout construction to completion and project turnover. Collection pick-up occurs daily at designated on-site locations unless directed otherwise by the customer.

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Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Documentation

Solid Waste and Disposal Forms are completed by verifying the origination and destination of the waste loads from the construction project. Recycling Reports for Waste Removal and amounts recycled are documented for each specific material category. The amounts of material to be recycled is consistently documented by the weight; this is sent to the main office from Regal Recycling scale house. Then, a percentage of the weight from breakdown is done on (ex. clean wood, metal, concrete, paper, cardboard and other). The contractor’s recycling and reuse, and waste reduction reporting forms will be included for the individual contractor reporting. The LEED Template is used to calculate total waste material quantities diverted and the means by which diversion is recorded. Amounts of trash are documented and are sent to the incinerator to be burned.

LEED Documentation

The completed reports noted below and mentioned throughout this report are part of the backup information to be included with LEEDS project submittal package. For your convenience, we have included a copy of the sample report and load documentation. The report will show the amount of material recovered/not recovered and will be provided on a monthly basis for the length of the project. We invite you to our facility for a tour and a further explanation of the recycling process. Any questions or further information needed, please do not hesitate to contact Royal Waste Services, Inc. We serve the New York City area, including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem

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Qualified Professionals

Royal developed an education program to teach all managers how to handle every customer with special care. Programs on customer satisfaction teach our employees how to best anticipate and satisfy our customer needs. In fact, each customer is evaluated on a quarterly basis to ensure that Royal is meeting their highest expectations. Such programs monitor dependability, timeliness, integrity, cleanliness and overall efficiency of the services implemented. This assures that we will meet and exceed your desired scope of services while assuring ongoing quality service with integrity. Royal has made it our practice to seek out and hire well-educated, well-trained, motivated people. The hiring process varies from operations to sales due to inherent differences in the job function.

Building Partnerships

Royal prides itself on building relationships and partnerships with our customers. Our partnership with our customers is unique and the backbone of our company. We call it Royal pride. At Royal, we will be a hands-on company who will consistently monitor your facility. Our operations ensure that our equipment is running smoothly and pickups are on time.

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