Meeting Regulatory Obligations

Royal Waste limits the risk of exposure for your New York business and makes your waste management practices extremely transparent. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet all your waste management challenges, providing detailed sustainability reports and expert assistance in meeting regulatory obligations.

Recycling Laws &

Meet Regulatory Obligations with our Expert Assistance and Detailed Sustainability Reports.


Our highly trained sustainability management team can train your staff on the process of recycling and put you on a path toward zero waste. Royal Waste Services can create and execute a personalized waste diversion program that will suit your business’s specific needs. Furthermore, Royal establishes quality control goals and reinforces zero waste to ensure maximum efficiency on both ends. Avoid piece-meal efforts and let us help you devise an overall environmental strategy to achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing financial objectives.


  • Monthly metrics reports quantifying by volume and weight materials removed from the service location during the month and waste diversion statistics.
  • On-site training to educate you on the proper separation of materials in accordance with the new regulations promulgated by the New York City Department of Sanitation (NYCDOS).
  • Conducting group seminar and training sessions regarding the new NYCDOS regulations regarding source separation.
  • Conducting an on-site waste audit after ninety (90) days of Royal Waste Services, re-establishing training techniques and confirming recycling initiatives and services requirements.
  • Providing required signage at the loading dock and/or freight car areas on each floor regarding the proper placement and separation of materials on a daily basis.
  • Reviewing the materials that should be placed in (1) black bags, (2) clear bags and (3) tying and bundling of old cardboard cartons (OCC).

NYC Commercial Organics Rules

If your business meets the minimum requirements outlined below, you must comply with the business organic recycling rules.

Arenas & Stadiums

15,000 or More Seats

Food Manufacturers

25,000 sq. ft. or More

Food Wholesalers

20,000 sq. ft. or More

Food Service in Hotels

150 or More Rooms

Retail food stores

25,000 sq. ft. or More

Multi-Unit Restaurants

100+ NYC Locations


15,000 sq. ft. or More

What Organics
to Separate

Do not include material sold to farmers or rendering companies, or food that is donated.

Plant Trimmings
Trimmings dumped in landfills lack the oxygen needed to decompose properly.

Certified Compostable Products
Must meet processor certification requirements.

How to Comply and Avoid Violations

Provide labeled containers specifically for organics, and post signage with instructions about organics separation requirements in areas where staff handles organics.

Employees must place materials in appropriate labeled containers and ensure that organics are not mixed with any garbage or recyclables.

Arrange for organics to be transported and/or processed separately from garbage and recycling. Post a sign next to your BIC decal that clearly indicates your arrangement.

Let Our Knowledge
Be Your Guide

Royal’s understanding of Department of Sanitation recycling compliance is unparalleled. We can interpret the regulations and codes to see how the law applies to your specific business and create a step-by-step approach to compliance.

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