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Royal Waste has developed food waste organic recycling programs that reduce waste by up to 50% at your location. Cost-efficient and effective, our methods divert waste from landfills and produce topsoil for organic farming.

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Providing Commercial and Residential Compost Pickup

Royal Waste Services is the only New York City organics carter to have dedicated compost trucks in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Our compost trucks are dedicated to organic waste only, ensuring that this precious commodity is never contaminated.

At the end of the route, trucks return to our organic composting facility, where it dumps and we begin passing the collected organic material through a de-packing machine, removing any contaminants that might be present. We then take the clean organic finish product and load it into trailers for transport to McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton NY. Here, they take our raw organic material and turn it into organic potting soil. It is a true closed-loop system we are very proud about.

Royal Waste sustainability managers can help you set up an easy participation, organics recycling program at your location, providing everything you need to get started immediately.

Not Recycling Organics is a Royal Waste! Contact Royal Waste to Arrange Your Organic Recycling Pickup Today!

Learn More about Composting Laws & regulations


Since July 19, 2016, certain New York City businesses are required by law to separate their organic waste.

NYC Sanitation Official Notice

How to

Avoid violations by installing properly labeled containers specifically for organics. Take advantage of our FREE SIGNAGE and post in your place of business to ensure that organics are not mixed with and do not contaminate other garbage or recyclables. Schedule your organics pick up so that it is transported and processed in our New York state-of-the-art organics recycling facility.


Our organic recycling

We partner with local farms and community groups to create valuable resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in NY/NJ landfills. Click below to learn how Royal Waste partnered with McEnroe Farms.

More About McEnroe Farms

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Royal Waste provides everything starting with a custom waste audit, onsite training for your staff, easy-to-follow guidelines and composting bins and free signage that makes the process simple. Our bins are maintained and deodorized as needed to keep your organic recycling area sanitary. We’ll set you up, help you get started and create a schedule that works for you.

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