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Innovating Service, Safety and Sustainability

Our History of Waste Management Innovation Continues

Royal Waste Services understands the importance of great technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment and innovative material recycling facility proves this. Now, our latest innovative efforts are poised to bring dramatic benefits to our customers and our employees – improving service, safety and sustainability. Our dedicated customer support team ensures any dumpster rental is conveniently suited to meet your exact needs.

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Tablets are being installed in each truck providing driver with all necessary routing information. It further provides us with geo-coded time stamps, real time data, and also gives drivers the ability to take pictures and capture any issues on site which will be directly sent to us and the corresponding customer. Once pickup is marked completed, customers receive notification via email or text that pickup is done.

  • Daily optimized route sheets loaded onto tablets
  • Customized dispatch monitoring of in-progress and completed jobs
  • Full flexibility to move stops in-route and in-real-time
  • Driver can mark completed pick-ups for full customer transparency including time stamp notifications
  • Plus, driver can mark when extra material is on site that wasn’t requested or on-route sheet. Driver can take a picture that is then sent to us and our customer with a geo-coded time stamp.

Royal WasteAPP

  • Moreover, we’re excited to bring customers our new app that will allow full management of their accounts where at the touch of a screen they can request extra pickups, order rentals, view or pay bills, receive pick-up confirmations, access reports, analyze metrics and more
  • Our new technology advances helps Royal Waste continue to deliver the best quality waste management and environmental services possible to our valued customers

Fleet TrackingLive Dispatching & GPS

  • Supervisors have the ability to transfer service orders, maps, messages, all in real-time, allowing drivers to accept and add to their route sheet
  • Upon completion customer will receive notification that pickup has been finalized
  • Anytime / anywhere we can log on and view real time updates & locations on where entire fleet is located
  • Gives us the ability to precisely deliver consistent time frames of truck arrivals for customers


  • Safety is our biggest priority so these cameras provide us with the ability to access live feeds from all angles of the truck (inside cab, outside (forward), passenger side, driver side, rear of truck)
  • The ability to also access prior recordings of all the cameras
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