Single Stream Recycling Facility

With the use of our Single Stream Recycling Facility, Royal helps to increase Waste Diversion Rates by up to 95%!

Single Stream in Action

For a closer look at our material recycling facility and the recycling process in action, watch the video below.

Material Recycling Facility

Royal Waste provides creative cost-effective solutions for waste management and innovations in recycling with its Material Recycling Facility. This state-of-the-art complex allows for a Single Stream Process of recycling and separation. Utilizing a Single Stream recycling method allows everyone a chance to recycle with more ease as this process allows plastic, paper and metal to be collected all at once. With the use of our Material Recycling Facility, Royal has helped to increase regional recycling rates by 30%!

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Quality Control

Our emphasis on quality control allows Royal to maintain an excellent rate of recovery, collecting material for reuse. These raw commodities are now used to produce new bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, newspaper and even clothing. By allowing manufacturers to do more with less, recycling can cut down on energy usage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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