At Royal Waste, we understand our most precious resource is our people

This means the care of our human resources is paramount. The safety, health and welfare of their physical, mental and emotional state must always be a priority and never overlooked. Settling for second best in any of these areas is not an option. To that end, the company’s leadership has pledged to continually set and achieve goals that surpass regulatory compliance with these pillars for safety success:


Sustainability of the planet is at the heart of what we do. Being a truly sustainable company demands balancing the protection of the planet, its people and its prosperity. Advanced facilities, industry-leading operations and the best fleet in the business mean nothing without the people to operate, maintain, and maximize these resources. Beyond being sustainable, we need the ideas, commitment and passion of our people to stay competitive and nurture true growth.


The most powerful tool in creating a safe, healthy, productive workplace is communication. It is vital for understanding roles and directions; warning of dangers and unsafe practices; and quickly implementing emergency response to handle any hazards that may be confronted. This critical dialog takes many forms – from our quality training program to company mantras, processes and clear workplace signage. Moreover, communication at Royal Waste must be a two-way street. Employees are always encouraged and provided the means for an open dialog about safety and workplace conditions.


Safety is in everyone’s best interest and provides the common goal necessary to foster imperative teamwork. Knowing co-workers “have your back” not only creates a sense of comfort in the workplace but motivates employees to protect others. This unified focus ensures teams effectively identify hazards and work safely to prevent accidents and injuries.


Royal Waste knows a few, well-intentioned paragraphs on a website are not a safety initiative. That’s why we commit to putting our safety plans into action every day. Fostering a positive safety culture increases employee engagement and productivity; lowers turn over, and decreases rates of accidents and injuries. This culture manifests in managers being committed to making changes for the better. Employees are empowered to act and feel ownership over their safety and the safety of their co-workers. Most importantly, sizable investments are made in safety procedures, programs and equipment, including new, seasonal personal protective equipment (PPE) and truck upgrades:

Jackets • Hats • Boots • Gloves • Mobileye Collision Avoidance System and High-visibility 360 degree view Lytx Cameras in every truck


It’s easy to see the safety advances installed in our fleet. In fact, they actually provide a clear line of vision. Lytx 360° cameras increase visibility, improve safety, streamline compliance and most importantly, help protect our drivers and of course, pedestrians.

THE PRE-COLLECTION SYSTEM provides a 360° view and innovative features that guard our drivers in a protective shield of awareness. All of our trucks meet or exceed the Department of Transportation’s clean emission standards to ensure we’re doing our part to reduce CO2 – protecting air-quality for our drivers, our customers, and the planet.


The Royal Waste fleet is safer than ever by employing state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology via the Mobileye® 8 Connect™ system from Intel®.

Mobileye's collision avoidance system warns drivers of potential hazards in real time with audio and/or visual warnings. This system provides our drivers and pedestrians an unparalleled level of safety using these advanced features:

Forward Collision Warning • Lane Departure Warning • Pedestrian Collision Warning • Headway Monitoring & Warning Speed Limit Indicator • Blind Spot Detection


At Royal Waste, we currently have multiple full-time Smith System certified instructors. All new drivers are trained and certified as part of our new hire safety training. All drivers are trained annually and re-certified as needed.


The Smith5Keys are designed to provide drivers with the knowledge and skills to create three essential things while driving:

  • Space to maneuver their vehicle away from conflict
  • Visibility to detect danger and the potential for conflict with another vehicle or fixed object early
  • Time to react to volatile and complex driving environments

So, what exactly are the five keys?

Key 1. Aim High In Steering®
Key 2. Get The Big Picture®
Key 3. Keep Your Eyes Moving®
Key 4. Leave Yourself An Out®
Key 5. Make Sure They See You®

The Smith5Keys help drivers see, think and act their way through various driving environments, challenges, and changes that exist regardless of where they travel or the vehicles they operate. The Smith5Keys apply to all types of driving conditions, making the training effect from the highways of Los Angeles to the roads of India.

All Rights Reserved. No part of these course materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. Each of the Smith5Keys and all knowledge derived from “The Smith System,” (Space-Visibility-Time) “Space Cushion Driving,” (G.O.A.L.), are registered, copyrighted, and trademarked by Smith System for the use of Smith System Driver Safety Training.

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