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Christmas Tree Disposal NYC: The Renewable Resources

Christmas is a beautiful season of joy and cheer, but when the holiday ends, it can leave you with many tasks that require attention. As much as we all love having a Christmas tree for the holidays, once December 25th arrives, it’s necessary to properly dispose of the Christmas tree without causing any damage to our neighborhood, street, and university place. Christmas tree recycling enables you to reuse your tree in ways that will benefit animals and your garden, or you might dispose of your Christmas tree.

Fortunately for those living in New York City, Royal Waste has your back! We’ve put together this helpful guide on disposing of your unwanted Christmas Tree so that you can keep your city clean and healthy this season.

What Are The Ways To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree In NYC?

As the holiday season ends, many consider tree recycling a convenient way of saying farewell. However, in some areas, that may not be possible; if so, safe Christmas tree disposal is necessary for sustainable living practices.

NYC Sanitation Department

Many municipal sanitation departments will take up Christmas trees as home rubbish. Check with the city department to learn about the tree pickup schedule, Christmas tree collection period, holiday schedule, and disposal requirements. Most towns have a few weeks after New Year’s to pick up trash. You can get curbside pickup services from certified companies in NYC, like Royal Waste.


In cities where curbside pickup of Christmas trees is unavailable, drop-off events are usually held so that residents can still properly and safely dispose of their trees. Check the city and county calendars for upcoming activities to determine when these events are held. Remember that these events have special rules: some cities may require you to remove all decorations, lights, and tree stands before dropping the tree off.

Do Not Burn Your Tree!

Burning your Christmas tree in the fireplace or a wood stove is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal. The creosote that builds up in the flue from burning your tree can catch fire and start an uncontrollable blaze. If a log-sized piece of wood had been burned instead of the tree, it would have given off significantly less creosote.

Is It Better To Recycle Your Christmas Tree Than Disposing Of It?

The Christmas season may be over, but it’s not too late to give the environment a helping hand. Don’t discard your evergreen tree in the trash – instead, recycle it responsibly for the maximum environmental benefit. Whether you pick up natural or artificial trees, recycling your Christmas tree is essential – ensure you follow your local government’s instructions on how best to dispose of it. Doing so will help contribute to the sustainability of our planet and planet-friendly practices all year round.

What Are The Steps To Recycle Your Christmas Tree In NYC?

Christmas tree recycling lets you reuse your tree in ways that will benefit wildlife and your garden. There are various ways to reduce, recycle or reuse the Christmas tree; each follows the following steps.

Step 1: Tree Preparation

  • Make arrangements to effectively convert a real Christmas tree with roots that you decorated this year, whether in a container or balled and burlapped.
  • If you wish to recycle your tree, avoid ingredients like flocking spray in your Christmas decorations. The chemical composition of the majority of such sprays may render trees unrecyclable.
  • Remove all Christmas decorations, tinsel, and garland from the tree and discard them.

Step 2: Ways To Recycle

Following are the most innovative ways to recycle your Christmas tree in NYC:

Let The Nyc Department Of Sanitation Handle It

The NYC Department of Sanitation will be doing special curbside collections for Christmas tree mulching and recycling; please remove all tree stands, tinsel, lights, and decorations from trees before placing them on the curbside for disposal. Plastic bags should not be used to transport trees.


Mulchfest is the most enjoyable method to recycle your tree! Bring your tree to Mulchfest on the first weekend of January. Your tree will be transformed into eco-friendly ground cover. You may take home free mulch for your garden.

On An Urgent Basis!

Many options are available if you are searching for eco-friendly waste to dispose of your Christmas tree. One of the most popular is to drop it off at a designated location or leave it with NYC Parks, who will recycle your Christmas tree for you later. Ensure all decorations and tinsel are removed when dropping off your tree.

Visit Green-Wood Cemetery

Visiting the beautiful Green Wood Cemetery is a great way to recycle your Christmas tree when the holiday season is over. The cemetery is open all year and offers free mulch for gardeners looking to make use of their trees in a more eco-friendly way. Not only that, but they also accept branches and cuttings throughout the year, making your tree a valuable resource for improving the health and sustainability of our environment.

Go For The Creative Way!

Christmas ornaments made from last year’s tree are a great way to turn something that would otherwise have been discarded into a beautiful, meaningful decoration. Whether you use the piece of the bottom, cut it off or create a design with branches, needles, and twigs, the possibilities are endless.

Making your own Christmas ornament out of your tree is a creative and fun way to recycle your Christmas tree in NYC. Whether you use leftover branches, needles, or twigs from the tree itself or incorporate some of the decorations you used on it, there are countless ways to create something beautiful and meaningful out of what would otherwise go to waste.

What Are The Other Options To Get Rid Of Christmas Tree?

If your tree was newly cut when you purchased it, it could survive four to five weeks before decomposing, giving you plenty of time to gather what to accomplish with your Christmas tree.

Donate Your Tree To A Worthy Cause

Donating a Christmas tree to a worthy cause is a great option. Many charities in local communities benefit from donations of Christmas trees and use them for many different purposes. For example, some charities use trees to create habitats for wildlife or donate them to families who lack the resources to purchase a tree for their homes. Whatever the cause, donating your Christmas tree is an excellent method to give back and help those in need.

Compost Your Old Tree

Another option for recycling your Christmas tree is to compost it. Organic composting involves breaking down organic materials like wood chips, leaves, grass, and branches into nutrient-rich soil over time. This can be done at home using a compost bin or by dropping off your tree at a local composting facility. Composting is a good option if you have the resources to do so, as it allows you to turn your tree into something beneficial for your garden or outdoor space.

Explore More At Royal Waste!

Recycling your live or artificial tree for Christmas is one of the best options, and it’s not that difficult. If you follow the steps we listed above, you’ll easily recycle your tree. But whatever you do, make sure you don’t just leave it on the curb!

Contact Royal Waste today if you need help disposing of your Christmas tree in NYC. Just one call or email, and we can take it from there. We specialize in helping you recycle your tree safely and responsibly in both sustainable and beneficial ways.

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