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How to Recycle in the Workplace

Despite the fact that many people are aware of how much waste they produce, they do not take the steps to address it. Because of this, humans produce billions of tons of waste each year. This has caused the environment to suffer and landfills to thrive. Everyone has a part in helping the earth flourish again including you. You should take steps to change the way you manage your waste both at home and in the other areas of your life as well, and the workplace is one of the biggest sources of trash. Here is how to recycle in the workplace.

5 Ways to Recycle in the Workplace

Paper Management

Being environmentally conscious in your workplace can be as simple as printing on both sides of your paper. Changing this setting on your printer will cut the amount of paper you produce in a half. Of course, once you are done with this paper it is imperative that it be recycled. Following these simple steps allows you to cut down on the waste that your building produces and preserve trees.

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Ink is a staple of any business; however, not many people think about the waste that it produces. Every cartridge puts about 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic in landfills and wastes oil. Buying and recycling remanufactured ink cartridges and toners is a simple way to make a positive change.

Rechargeable Batteries

Did you know that it takes hundreds of batteries to match the lifespan of a rechargeable one? Switching to rechargeable batteries does not just save the environment, it saves you money as well. Buying and recycling these batteries is a great change for any establishment.

Make Recycling Bins Readily Available

One of the biggest reasons that people do not recycle is because the option is not there. Failing to supply your business with recycling bins all but ensures that your employees will create waste. You should have as many recycling bins as you do trash cans in a room otherwise the change is never going to happen. You should also make it clear to your workers that recycling is mandatory. Failure to communicate this to them means that there is a likelihood of it being overlooked.

Recyclable Products

One of the best changes that can be made to a business is an emphasis on recycled products. They cost close to the same as regular products and reduce waste drastically. Buying from the market of refurbished items such as paper, cups, and cartridges helps it grow and encourages other businesses to do the same.

Who Are We, and How Can We Help?

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do – We utilize only the most advanced waste diversion strategies for your business. Striving to create environmentally responsible recycling solutions for all our clients, Royal Waste removes waste from your location and helps convert it to new products and commodities wherever possible. Our dedicated customer support team ensures any dumpster rental is conveniently suited to meet your exact needs. Call us today.


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