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Royal Waste and Emerald Brand: A Collaboration for Zero Waste Solutions

Zero-waste solutions are now even more attainable for clients of Royal Waste and Emerald Brand. The goal of this newly announced partnership is to take the next steps in mainstreaming sustainability, making responsible choices simple, easy, and clear to the everyday consumer.

This collaboration will utilize Emerald Brand’s compostable towels, tissues, packaging materials, and food service necessities at industrial composting facilities utilizing Royal Waste’s hauling services. The compost matter will then be moved to local organic farms where the breakdown process will begin and break down to soils. The new partnership provides clients of both companies with a transparent, full-circle composting solution.

Maximizing Environmental Savings

Connecting these two facets of the composting process curtails the amount of organic material ending up in landfills, maximizing environmental savings. The similar values and philosophies of these two individual organizations have aligned their missions to achieve their mutual goals of educating consumers on sustainable practices, while expanding attainable, quantifiable, and affordable sustainable solutions to the community.

Team training will occur on both the Royal Waste and Emerald Brand sides of the program, ensuring accurate communication and execution of goals to new and existing clientele. For clients requesting full-circle composting services, Emerald Brand will be authorized as Royal Waste Services exclusive vendor for compostables. Similarly, for Emerald’s clients requesting full-circle composting services, Royal Waste Services will become Emerald’s exclusive partner for all organic and compostable waste in the New York City area.

Ralph Bianculli Junior, Managing Director of Emerald Brand, expresses his enthusiasm for the newfound partnership, “Emerald Brand and Royal Waste are two family-owned and operated sustainability leaders in our respective industries. Our partnership is another step forward in helping clients achieve a true zero-waste solution, which will be the future benchmark for corporations and governments globally.”

About Royal Waste

Royal Waste Service’s primary goal is to eliminate and reduce waste through education, training, and availability of sustainable options. For over 20 years, Royal’s commitment to a sustainable future is the beating heart of the company, and translates into everything they do. By better serving the community through sustainable strategies and waste reduction techniques, Royal’s dedicated team has worked with other businesses to improve operations, attain regulatory requirements, and improve diversion rates.

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