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New BIC Requirement Goes into Effect August 1st: Are You Prepared?

The New York City DSNY will be enforcing the new sanitation law across the five boroughs starting August 1st. The new law states that in addition to your regular waste removal services, each business must recycle all metal, glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard into a separate stream. All businesses that are not in compliance with this new law, post August 1st, will be issued a fine by the DSNY. If you need to set up recycling services please email:

Sanitation Decals Indicate:
1. Royal Waste Services is your licensed trade waste company (BIC#1240)
2. Your weekly service level for refuse and single stream recycling


While this may seem simple, the new decal requires customers to add a few more details. To comply with the latest law and to avoid fines, customers must follow the below guidelines.

Under the service day,

1. For refuse collection, indicate the day and time frame that your refuse will be placed outside. Write the approximate starting time when you will put your garbage on the curb, i.e. between 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM on Monday.

2. For single-stream recycling collection, indicate the day and time frame you will place your recyclables on the curb, again starting with the earliest time when you might possibly place them outside.

3. Your BIC Decal must be placed on the window of your store front or loading dock by no later than July 31st, 2017. Do not delay in getting this done.


If your business uses a Royal Waste Services container for refuse and/or recycling, a representative from Royal Waste will place labeling both above and directly on the container based on the type of material designated to be used in that container.


If you need more information about this new requirement, or simply want to ensure that you are following the correct procedures, Royal Waste is here to walk you through the process. We have a team of highly trained sustainability management experts.

“Waste is not waste, waste is a resource!” says, John Reali of Royal Waste. “Let us be your guide in how to respond to the new law and put your business on the path to zero waste!”

Royal Waste Services is an official, licensed, single stream recycling hauler serving the greater New York City, tri-state area. Our goal is to achieve zero waste, so subsequently all of our services can be deployed or developed to meet any standard or customized waste management objectives for removal, recycling, or reduction. Contact us today!

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