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Maximize Waste Reduction Potential: How To Navigate Latest NYC Trash Pickup Schedule

With frequently changing rules and regulations for New York City disposal laws, it is our mission at Royal Waste to keep consumers informed and ready to for changes. The New York City Department of Sanitation recently enacted new organic disposal rules for commercial and residential establishments.

Organic Waste Collection in NYC

The New York City Organics Collection Program allows the Department of Sanitation and waste management companies to collect compostable organics. Participation for most constituents is voluntary, though there are some requirements for commercial establishments. With the new NYC funded program, volunteer participants will receive starter-kits complete with countertop compost disposal containers, an informational document breaking down what can and cannot be placed in the organics disposal, and other literature explaining how to properly participate in the program. Participants in the program may put their disposals curbside just as they do other waste and garbage.

Commercial Organics Recycling

When it comes to organics disposal and recycling for commercial establishments there are different regulations businesses must follow. Establishments that are required to follow commercial organics rules, include:

• Restaurant chains with 100 or more locations in New York City
• Restaurants with 15,000 sq. ft. or more
• Retail food stores 25,000 sq. ft. or more


Royal Waste Services is one of New York City’s premier waste pickup services that collect organic waste directly from the commercial location in order to comply with new laws and follow New York City regulations.

NYC Organic Waste Recycling

New York City collects over 3 million tons of trash and recycling each year from residents alone, after adding commercial, construction, and demolition waste, the total comes to 14 tons annually.* Residential recycling participation clocks in at just 15%, even though more than 30% is curbside recyclable. Another 30% is considered organic waste and can be composted, but isn’t!

What is considered organic waste in New York City? All food scraps, from pizza crust to carrot shavings. Plant trimmings, yard waste, and other organic matter is considered organic waste. Food soiled waste such as used tea bags or coffee filters, as well as certified compostable cutlery, plates, and napkins are also considered organic waste. This organic waste can all be composted and converted into soil and renewable energy.

Royal Waste is one of the premier companies actively composting NYC organic waste

Royal Waste Services offers curbside pickup for any kind of waste throughout New York City including Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk and Staten Island. Royal Waste’s strong commitment to the environment and partnerships with businesses across New York City creating simple and easy to follow waste management plans.

By separating organic waste from our recyclables and other discards, New Yorkers cut the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. When organic waste is diverted from landfills there is a huge cut in greenhouse gas emissions, thus decreasing consumer’s own ecological footprint. With the implementation of organic composting throughout New York City, new opportunities for residents and businesses to improve their environmental practices and lessen their environmental impact.



Don’t Panic, it’s Organic! Debunking Modern Day Organic Waste Myths

The simple truth about properly disposing organic waste is just that; simple. There are numerous benefits of separating organic and raw materials from your everyday trash bin, and when executed perfectly, can make a strong positive impact on the environment.

Myth 1: Compost attracts rodents and other unwanted creatures
Fact: Vermin can be easily deterred by using the proper disposal containers for curbside pickup. By using industrial-grade air-locked bin, you will attract no unwanted visitors to your property.

Myth 2: Collecting food waste in my kitchen will be messy
Fact: With the increasing popularity of at-home composting habits, more and more attractive, low-key options have become available. An understated ceramic countertop crock is a convenient way to collect scraps. Just line the container with a biodegradable liner and you have an easily removable bag of scraps to toss directly into your organic waste bin come trash day.

Myth 3: Getting started will interrupt my regular routine
Fact: By introducing a new method of disposal in our New York City home or office, New Yorkers can easily create the new normal routine, teach children and coworkers alike the importance and ease of separating our waste. With that stylish countertop crock, everyone in your home can be composting in no time.

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