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Innovative Solutions For Commercial Waste Management

Businesses and other commercial properties generate a lot of waste. Therefore it becomes necessary and important to learn how to manage that waste. Businesses regularly implement waste reduction strategies and “go green” initiatives. However, many commercial properties still struggle to effectively manage their day-to-day waste. If you’re struggling, here are some tips for managing waste on commercial properties!

Create A Task Force

One of the most effective ways to manage waste on commercial property is to create a task force. When it comes to waste management, someone has to be in charge. Creating a task force gives the responsibility of leadership to someone (or a group of people).

When you create a task force, it’s important to look for people across the company, and not just from one department. A broad range of individuals is bound to provide good ideas, insight, and a solid understanding of each department and what changes would be most effective regarding waste management.

Form A Budget

As with any business decision, waste management will impact your budget. Try to identify areas where money can be saved, but also where changes will be effective. For example, instead of paying for paper waste removal services, consider starting a recycling program that is easy and inexpensive to implement.

While implementing new waste management programs may seem like it’ll tighten your budget, it will actually save money in the long run, giving your business more financial stability and breathing room.


When managing waste on commercial properties, it’s a good idea to sit down with each department head to identify ways where waste can be reduced, reused, or recycled. One of the main reasons properties generate so much waste is that no one knows what to do with it, so it gets thrown away.

Look for ways to reduce the amount of waste, reuse any leftovers, or recycle rather than throw them away. Repurposing your waste will not only cut down on the amount of waste your commercial property generates but also save your business money as you don’t have to pay for as many new materials.

Encourage Employee Involvement

Waste management is not a one-person job. Encourage every member of your team to take a part in maintaining a safe and clean environment. Explain to your team members how taking part in waste management can benefit them by creating a safer environment, a better work culture, and cutting down on barriers throughout the day that may waste their time.

Create An Incentive Program

A great way to get your employees involved in waste management is to create an incentive program. Consider having departments compete to see who can generate the least amount of waste, and offer a prize to the winning department.

On a personal level, offer gift cards or small incentives to employees who are caught taking part in waste management. The more fun you can make waste management, the more individuals will take part in it.

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