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How Is Plastic Recycled: What Do You Need To Know?

When it comes to your business, it’s not just about money. It’s about impact. Going green is at the core of your business’s mission. You’re implementing recycling and composting in your business’s culture and daily operations.

You care about our earth and you want to keep plastics out of our oceans, streams, and protect wildlife, but did you know there’s a right and wrong way to recycle plastic? Here’s everything you need to know.

Rinse Your Recycled Plastics

You know that carton of caramel flavored creamer that’s been sitting in the company fridge for a questionably long time? You can recycle it, but you need to rinse it first. It stinks (because you just made the regrettable decision of smelling it, didn’t you?). And no one wants to reuse a stinky container. Moreover, it’s going to continue to stink, grow mold, and attract pests.

But you don’t need to scrub it out vigorously with dish soap and a sponge. A quick rinse from the faucet is just fine. Domestic markets demand higher quality products, so make sure to rinse your cartons so they can be reused.

Know What Can And Can’t Be Recycled

Just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean you can recycle it. And if you put something like a PVC pipe in your recycling bin, you’re not doing the environment any favors. Someone has to sort your recyclables, and they’ll be looking for anything that could contaminate the rest of your recyclables or break the machines at their facility.

Also, contaminated plastics could potentially result in the entire container of recyclables you’ve put at the curb getting dumped in a landfill. Think about the size of your team and all the materials you use weekly. That’s a lot to toss in a hole in the ground and not great for our earth.

Let’s make sure we’re doing our best to care for our planet. Double check this list from the City of New York to figure out what can be recycled and what can’t to keep your company’s eco-friendly initiatives on track.

Avoid Recycling Violations

For businesses that are recycling, make sure your company isn’t violating city rules for recycling. A violation could result in a ticket. New York City has specific regulations for recycled materials.

Follow all city rules for recycling. Make sure to sort your recycling correctly. For example, paper and plastics can’t be put together in the same container. However, it is okay for your plastic to be in the same container as metal recyclables.

To Cap Off

We’re excited to work with any business passionate about protecting the environment. And we want to make sure you get it right. By knowing what plastics can or can’t be recycled, how to sort your recycling, and properly marking your bins, your business can have a powerful impact on our planet.

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