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NYC Trash Collection Strategies For A Greener Tomorrow

Every day people throw garbage away. You probably take that ability for granted. After all, what better way to deal with your trash than to put it on the curb and never think about it again? But that trash goes somewhere and has to be dealt with.

Over the years, the amount of trash that New Yorkers throw away has increased exponentially. But just how much do new yorkers throw away? Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Do New Yorkers Throw Away?

While one New Yorker doesn’t generate that much trash, the vast population of the state causes that amount to quickly add up. Currently, residents of New York throw away a collective amount of 7 billion pounds of garbage every year, and that doesn’t include factories, offices, schools, and other places of business.

You can clearly see that the amount of trash generated in New York is staggering, to say the least. But why do New Yorkers throw away so much stuff? There are several different categories that help explain where this trash is coming from.

What Kind Of Trash Does New York Generate?

While New Yorkers throw away a large amount of trash, it isn’t all the same stuff. There are several categories, each with its own contributions to the total amount of garbage.


One of the biggest contributions to the amount of trash in New York is recyclables. Plastic water bottles are one of the most commonly thrown away items. This can easily be avoided by recycling your plastic bottles or switching to a reusable bottle and filling it from the tap. Cutting down on glass bottles, plastics, and other recyclable materials for more reusable ones will help decrease the amount of trash in New York.


Aside from plastic and glass bottles, other reusable materials regularly make their way into New York dumpsters. New Yorkers throw away around 20,000 tons of cloth each year. Bedsheets, pillowcases, clothing, curtains, etc., can all be reused as cleaning cloths or drop cloths for home projects. This would keep it out of the garbage for a longer period of time, decreasing the amount of garbage produced in New York.


Food waste accounts for a large amount of New York waste. However, much of your food waste can be repurposed by making your own compost pile. Certain food items can be used to create top-quality soil for your garden. Instead of throwing everything away, see how you can use your leftover food items in a beneficial way by turning them into soil instead of sending them to the dump.

There are many other categories and items that are regularly thrown away in New York. You can help cut down on the amount of garbage New Yorkers throw away by repurposing some of your items and continuing to use them. If you need advice on which items should be thrown away, consider reaching out to Royal Waste to find out more about how you can help address the overwhelming amount of trash generated in New York.

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