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Solutions to the Problem of Improper Waste Disposal and it’s Impact

It’s time for some trash talk! There’s a crisis in our country’s recycling process and it’s up to anyone who makes trash (in other words, everyone) to take some small steps towards big positive improvements.

In the past few years, recycling has been faced with some real global issues. The truth is that the international recycling process could become a broken system if we don’t start a movement for change. It comes down to the symbiotic relationship we have with China and our recycling habits. Here’s what that means…

Unfortunately, in recent years, what’s been happening is more contaminated trash has made its way into recycle bins in the US, and therefore into the materials we export to China. This has caused China to refuse to accept our goods, thereby halting the entire process of recycling. We’re now drowning in garbage because more and more potentially recyclable materials are being rejected and therefore ending up in landfills.

In his May 13, 2018, Wall Street Journal article, “Recycling, Once Embraced by Businesses and Environmentalists, Now Under Siege,” author Bob Tita reports, “As cities aggressively expanded recycling programs to keep more discarded household items out of landfills, the purity of US scrap deteriorated as more trash infiltrated the recyclables. Discarded food, liquid-soaked paper and other contaminants recently accounted for as much as 20% of the material shipped to China… double from 5 years ago.”

This is devastating to the recycling industry (and eventually our environment). We must do our best to create a movement towards clean recycling by every consumer, every person. It’s simply time to change our recycling habits.

At the beginning of 2018, Beijing began what they call the “National Sword” program. They no longer accept import of 24 different kinds of solid waste, including most kinds of plastics. In addition, China is being extremely selective regarding the condition of cardboard and paper they’ll allow.

All imported material has to have a contamination level of under 0.5%. To put that in context, a 1600-pound bale must have under 8 pounds of contaminants inside to be deemed okay to pass.

Our goal here at Royal Waste is to make a real difference in the mission of recycling in NY. We’re leading the charge in the recycling industry and are proud to say that absolutely none of the thousands of tons of garbage we receive is being sent to landfills.

Royal Waste is passionate about making recycling in New York — and the world — succeed. If everyone committed to small (doable) adjustments, the vicious cycle would start returning to a sustainable cycle.

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