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How To Get Rid of Dumpster Smell: Proven Tips and Techniques

Everybody knows what it’s like to walk past a dumpster and get a whiff of that nasty dumpster smell. It’s even worse when it’s your own dumpster! From commercial dumpsters to residential dumpsters stinking up your garage, reducing dumpster odor is a must!

If you’ve never cleaned a dumpster before, it’s likely that you’re unsure how best you can get rid of those smelly dumpster smells. Thankfully, there are a few tips and practices you can implement to help keep your dumpster smelling fresh. Here are some tips for reducing dumpster odors!

Is It The Trash, Or The Dumpster?

Asking whether your trash stinks, or whether your dumpster stinks is like asking whether the chicken came before the egg, so to speak. Truthfully, it’s likely a combination of the two. 

When food and other waste isn’t disposed of properly, it attaches itself to the inside of your dumpster where it festers and rots. Over time, this creates a nasty odor that doesn’t leave even when your dumpster is empty. At this point, cleaning your dumpster is the best option. However, if you have a clean dumpster there are several ways that you can keep it from stinking.

Reducing Dumpster Odor With Compost

A great way to help cut down on smells from food waste is to begin composting. Composting allows you to reuse certain food wastes by turning them into fertilizer for your garden. This will also keep some foods from stinking up your dumpster by converting them into something beneficial! 

Seal Your Garbage

When reducing dumpster odor, it’s important to seal your garbage. Strong garbage bags made of thick plastic will help keep odors in. Cheap bags develop holes and can allow odors to permeate your garage or even an outdoor area as the smell starts to settle into other objects.

Furthermore, strong smells can attract animals and pests who will dig into your garbage, causing more bad smells to escape. Sealing your garbage in bags or containers is a great way to cut down on the smells.

Put Everything In A Bag

It’s tempting to throw away items conveniently. For instance, to-go containers on your way inside, or a particularly bad diaper. However, without a bag to hold in and trap odors, these objects will quickly become smellier with time and cause bad odors to seep into your dumpster, making it incredibly difficult to get the smell out.

Take diligence in putting everything in a bag before throwing it away. While this may be inconvenient at times, it is well worth it in the long run as you won’t have to worry about potentially awful smells escaping into the air!

Wash And Air Out Your Dumpster Regularly

Despite your best efforts, over time your dumpster is likely to start stinking, at least a little. When this happens, you can help reduce dumpster odor by cleaning your dumpster. 

You have several options when cleaning your dumpster as far as cleaners go. There are plenty of chemical cleaners that can destroy smells and keep your dumpster smelling “fresh”.

A more environmentally friendly option is to utilize a power washer (or strong hose attachment) and vinegar. This will help cut down on the bad odors by killing bacteria living in your dumpster. 

Whatever cleaner you decide to use, be sure to utilize proper protection while cleaning your dumpster as breathing in rotten food or chemicals from cleaners can be potentially hazardous for your health. 

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