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What Are Microplastics? Exploring the Environmental Impact and Solutions

Plastic is currently used by everyone everywhere in today’s world. Everyday utensils and necessities are accompanied by plastic, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Plastic on its own is not a bad thing; however, the microplastics that come from it can have negative effects on both the world and you. Here is everything you need to know about microplastics.

What are microplastics caused by?

Simply put, microplastics are the tiny particles that result from the development and breakdown of larger plastics. Microplastics are considered a pollutant that falls in the same category as lead, carbon monoxide, etc. Unfortunately, microplastics often go overlooked due to them being overshadowed by more well-known air pollutants. Microplastics are most often found near landfills, dumps, and manufacturing facilities.

What do microplastics do to the environment?

Microplastics do more harm than most people realize to the environment. The main issue is their endurance. Plastic, no matter how small, does not break down into harmless molecules without a large amount of time passing. This gives them plenty of time to fester and do damage to the environment while going completely unchecked.

Microplastics have been detected in marine organisms spanning from plankton to whales. Its rampant presence in the ocean has been affecting both the sea creatures and the water quality itself.

What do microplastics do to humans?

You have probably encountered microplastics before and have failed to realize it. Since they can be as big as 0.2 inches in diameter, microplastics are easily found in the sand on beaches. You may be wondering how this affects you, well, let’s find out!

Plastic has been proven to be damaging to human cells. This includes both allergic reactions and the death of cells altogether. They enter the body through inhalation and ingestion, where they are then taken up in various organs.

How can you protect yourself from microplastics?

Now that you know the dangers of microplastics, it is imperative that you learn how you can combat them. Unfortunately, it is not an issue that can be solved overnight; however, there are some changes you can make on a daily basis that will positively affect the environment and people that have been damaged by it. The most important thing that you can do is change the way that you and your company dispose of your waste. Most waste removal companies do not have issues like this at the forefront of their mind and cause unnecessary damages as a result. Getting in contact with a company that specializes in this field will bring a world of change.

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